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Internet analyst Hong Bo thinks, Internet Co into mobile phone

2019-04-18 23:38:18 Viewers:

 In before Netease, Internet enterprise already has several attempts to introduce mobile phone. One day, Alibaba and launch Ali cloud mobile phone; Lei Jun ( micro-blog ) millet millet company launched mobile phone; Baidu and Dell, Changhong, launched two Baidu cloud mobile phone; 360 Zhou Hongyi ( micro-blog ) announced in the second half will launch 360 customized mobile phone; grand in the secret development of thousand yuan intelligent mobile phone.

  Internet business in mobile phone manufacturing, can greatly lower the price of the mobile phone. Millet mobile phone released this week 1499 yuan of the youth version of millet, the duo 1.2G, 4 inch screen configuration to occupy the lowest position; Baidu and Changhong intelligence machine, Ali cloud mobile phone bumblebee in 1000 yuan of the following. 360, Netease and grand mobile phone price positioning is in 1000 yuan of the following.

  Internet analyst Hong Bo thinks, Internet Co into mobile phone manufacturing field, the most obvious purpose is to rob the future mobile Internet entrance. The Internet Co has ample cash flow and steady income, therefore dares to use subsidies, two into, to seize the market. Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu ( micro-blog ) think, simply to bind their service and launched a mobile phone, will limit the user's choice, not optimistic about the majority of Internet companies enter the mobile phone industry in the future.