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  Indeed, when enterprise development to a certain stage, want in the fierce competition in the market achieve sustainable development, the enterprise must have the correct strategy, a good organization and management capacity, rich occupation moral team of talent, and talent is the basis for the development of entire firm.

  Optional fine culture, through the excellent team cooperation, fruitful market strategy, the enterprise can benign development. As the leading domestic network equipment providers, SINFOR human resources training mainly for R & D personnel, service personnel, marketing personnel three class. In 2008, the company officially with the international well-known Human Resources Inc Hop Yick cooperation, to develop a scientific talent quality model. Through clear company strategy to the requirement of talent ability standard, SINFOR in recruitment selection can promote the company strategic development and talent training. Depths are convinced to employees generally to implement the three phase of training program:

  Occupation plan

  For new employees, the company will according to the characteristics of the post and different skills and cultural training. Human resources department publish normative system, organization of professional lecturers team, development of targeted programs, new staff for basic knowledge, product knowledge, occupation of shaping, enterprise culture and other aspects of the whole training.

  Basic skills & occupation direction, the company will be based on individual performance at work ambition and ability tendency, the preliminary planning personal occupation development plan. For R & D personnel, SINFOR provides technical experts, technology executive double channel development road. Technical experts the main technology development and innovation, to solve technical problems; be good at grasping the direction of technical executive project and products plan, lead the team to finish development task; similarly, the customer service personnel, marketing personnel, SINFOR also provides business direction, management two kinds of personnel training direction.

  The business into kernel quality, professional quality, leadership quality three, suitable for people with different cultivation way. Such as through the tutorial system, so that the same type of talents cultivation to rapidly improve counterparts. The main technique route of personnel, the company through technical training system, the actual project experience, technology expert between learning, constantly strengthen the technical talents of post ability and achievement sense of pride; for technology management route talent, in the accumulated phase when the technical ability, the company will train its lead research and development team, leading the operation of the project, with the customer, market communication with colleagues, the accumulation of the project, product control capacity, enhance their leadership.

  The above occupation development planning is not immutable and frozen, through the selection, training, appointment, use, education and improving the closed-loop process, companies and individuals to continuously adjust the occupation development direction, let companies and individuals to choose the optimal path of development.